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Welcome to the Gallery of Paris

This is the place to get a visual idea of all the items available for purchase in the roleplaying game Age of the Throne, set in the midst of 17th century Paris, France, before shopping!! Many hours of research and work have gone into this so I hope you enjoy it immensely!

I plan to have this site grow as more items become available in the game. Eventually, I'll add the crowning touch....a portrait gallery of the citizens that live and work in the great city!
A very special THANK YOU to:

My real life husband
Steve for all his support and especially for putting up with me working on this site and spending so much time here and in the city!

Age of the Throne
Creators and Sysops for making and maintaining such a unique online game even though many of us are addicted to it now and for giving us many hours of joy, laughter, sorrow, tears, anger, frustration and shopping!!! As well as opening doors to many new and wonderful friendships.

The Players for being there to make this such a wonderful environment, with enemies as well as friends. Without you it would be pointless to put so much time and effort into this project.
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If curiosity has finally gotten the better of you and you just have to see why someone would go to such lengths for a game then click on the silver ecu below and begin an adventure of a lifetime in Age of the Throne!! Just remember "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back" and you just may not be able to stay away!
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